Catacombs of Rome Tour

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Tour Description

In addition to the Vatican Tour, we also offer a tour of some of the other main Catholic Christian pilgrimage places. Join our Christianity in Rome tour and follow in the footsteps of saints in one of the oldest Christian communities and the burial place of Sts. Peter and Paul (at the Basilica of St Peter & Basilica of St Paul respectively). In fact, both St Peter and St Paul were imprisoned in Rome and one of the sights on this tour is the Church of St Peter in chains which holds the chains used to bind St Peter.

Visitors to this pilgrimage tour will also visit Pope Francis' favourite Roman church - the golden Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. One of the oldest (if not the oldest) churches dedicated to Our Lady, it is stunningly beautiful, the home to famous miracles and the resting place of many popes and saints. The icon to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour is also just 2 mins walk away if you need a pick-me-up!

The ancient Basilica of San Clemente which has served as a Christian church since the very first century, is named after Pope St Clement I (who held office from 92AD-99AD). Breathtaking golden mosaics that adorn the apse are well worth the tour in itself, but guests also get the chance to journey underground into the catacombs which are the burial places of so many Christian martyrs through the centuries but most notably at the very beginning of the Church and the apostles. This experience is a great link to the timelessness of the Church as she journeys on her own pilgrimage to the promised land through time.

Finally the Papal Basilica of St John Lateran is another highlight of this fantastic tour and guests are also just across the road from the Holy Steps - the steps on which Pontius Pilate judged Christ that St Helena brought over from Jerusalem in the 4th century.

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