Vatican Tour

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Vatican Tour Description

Tourists to Rome who wish to see the sights and experience the wonders are drawn to two main attractions - the Ancient Rome and the Coliseum, and the Vatican. On our Vatican Tour your expert guide will meet you outside the Vatican before leading you past the lengthy lines queuing to enter the Vatican Museums. With our tour tickets, all customers are able to skip the long lines which can mean avoiding a wait of up to 3 hours!

Once in the Vatican, our friendly native English guide will lead you through the galleries of the Vatican Museums, providing you with historical facts, leaving you plenty of time to absorb the stunning beauty of the masterpieces.

After experiencing the different museums within the Vatican you will finally enter the Sistine Chapel where you will catch sight of the neck breaking frescoes by Michelangelo. After a period of silent contemplation of the sheer splendour before you mindful that this is also the place where new Popes are elected, our guide will lead you into the greatest church in Christendom - the Basilica of St Peter.

The Basilica of St Peter contains the bodies of many popes and saints, but the body of St Peter below the high altar is perhaps the most famous. Of course it's not just saints and popes, the sculpture, grandeur and artistic works of the Basilica are stunning and are exemplified by the emotive Pietà of Michelangelo, and mesmerizing swirling bronze sculptures of the master Bernini.

As mentioned, those who book on this Vatican Tour can also skip the long lines of queues! What are you waiting for!? Book Now using our online booking system below.